Jen Richards

Wildlife artist

Sharks and Rays for 31 Days


Do you love sharks and rays? Do you want to help sharks and rays? Do you want to own multiple original artworks from me featuring sharks and rays? Then I’ve got some fun news for you!

I just can’t get enough of these utterly wonderful animals so all throughout July I’ll be making, sharing, and donating art to raise funds for vital conservation work through non-profit Shark Advocates International, a project of The Ocean Foundation. SAI’s mission is “to provide leadership in advancing sound, science-based local, national, and international conservation policies through collaboration with a diverse array of organizations and decision makers.” Sharks and Rays for 31 Days will see me posting artwork featuring a different elasmobranch species every single day, whether it’s a sketch, more detailed drawing, or even a painting. Throughout the month, collections of these pieces will be available for auction with the proceeds going to SAI.

Please follow my progress and help me support sharks and rays! I’ll be posting updates right here on the blog, but daily pictures will be found on my social media accounts: Twitter || Facebook || Instagram #SharksandRaysfor31Days

Shark Advocates International: Website ||  Facebook || Twitter
The Ocean Foundation: Website || Facebook || Twitter

See you on Wednesday, July 1st!


Author: Jen

2 thoughts on “Sharks and Rays for 31 Days

  1. Hi,
    I’m a bride-to-be from Taiwan and is going to get married in the end of 2015 .
    My friend told me about not using sharks’ fin in my wedding dishes for saving sharks and the ocean life.
    I really think it’s a good and important issue for saving our earth and really want to let the guests who come to my wedding can agree with it.
    I was looking for some good pictures of sharks, and want to make a little icon or image to put on my wedding menu on the table to notice all the guests it’s not necessary to eat sharks’ fin in wedding dishes…. and I found your website! Your design and sketch are so beautiful. I really wish I could use the one you made for supporting ” Shark advocates international” on my wedding menu.
    If you would love to share it, I’ll very appreciate that and hope to talk about more details about how to use it in my wedding.
    But if you don’t really want to share it, no worries! I won’t use it without your permission.

    Warm regards,

    • Hi Rico!

      I’m very sorry for taking so long to get back to you. I love your idea and congratulate you on standing up for sharks! Because I drew that little blue shark for a fundraiser for sharks, I would be happy for you to use it – I would just like my name/website to be credited somewhere. If you would like a clean image of the shark just send me an email at :) Congratulations on your wedding!

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