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I really wanted to post new shark art all week, but I haven’t had much time to produce any! I did manage to get this piece done, though – it’s a stylised celebration of shark diversity. While I couldn’t even begin to represent all 400-odd species, I did want to highlight a few personal favourites as well as those with particularly unusual or striking morphology. Not all sharks are white sharks (even though I did include one – their silhouette is just lovely)!

The featured species are…

• Oceanic whitetip shark Carcharhinus longimanus
• Dwarf lanternshark Etmopterus perryi
• White shark Carcharodon carcharias
• Whale shark Rhincodon typus
• Spotted wobbegong Orectolobus maculatus
• Sand tiger shark Carcharias taurus
• Sandbar shark Carcharhinus plumbeus
• Atlantic sharpnose shark Rhizoprionodon terraenovae
• Scalloped hammerhead shark Sphyrna lewini
• Bigeye thresher shark Alopias superciliosus
• Longnose sawshark Pristiophorus cirratus
• Epaulette shark Hemiscyllium ocellatum
• Basking shark Cetorhinus maximus
• Zebra shark Stegostoma fasciatum
• Blue shark Prionace glauca

This is available as a print, mug, and phone case/skin! Hope you like it as much as I had fun drawing it. Look for more shark art from me in the coming days!


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