Jen Richards

Wildlife artist

Februaray: Black blotched fantail ray


When most people think of stingrays they’re probably envisioning something about the size of the lid of your average trash can. The black blotched fantail ray is a big stingray though, and quite a sight to behold as it sweeps along the bottom like a forgotten 330 lb blanket.

I’m looking forward to having some time this weekend to produce some more Februaray contributions that are a lot more finished than the sketchbook pages I’ve shared so far!


Author: Jen

2 thoughts on “Februaray: Black blotched fantail ray

  1. Hi Jen, great blog.

    Do you know if the recent births of Black blotched rays at the Aquarium occurred in Ocean Voyager, or did they know the female was pregnant and took her off exhibit to have them?

    • Hi! Thank you for the kind words. Apologies for the delay in responding! To my knowledge, the pups were collected in the exhibit itself.

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