Jen Richards

Wildlife artist




I decided to take a little break from the acrylics and dedicate myself to some pencil work. It’s been a while since I spent so long on something that wasn’t a painting, but I really enjoyed the process and it definitely brought back my love of working in graphite. Though I delight in the ease of being able to pick it up and put it back down again without having to wash brushes and pots, I actually find pencil work far more challenging. If I make an error with acrylics I can “easily” paint over it (not without excessive grumbling, I’ll admit), but a mistake in the middle of a complicated piece with its layers of tones is a lot more difficult to fix – it can terribly mess up the flow and will stick out like a sore thumb… at least in my experience. So I really took my time with this one, stopping when I got too tired or began to get distracted (my biggest curse). Here’s a look at the progress:



Author: Jen

3 thoughts on “Wanderers

  1. Jen, there are talented artists, and there are superstars! You are clearly a superstar! This is wonderful work – displays not only great artistic talent, but also a passion for your subject.

  2. oh wow… I can’t believe I just discovered your work. It’s amazing!! I used your whale sharks as inspiration for a cartoon I’m working on. I draw the comic strip “Oh, Dakuwaqa!”. Anyway, I just wanted to say I love your work!

    • Hello there! Thank you for taking the time to check out my work and post such a lovely comment – I really appreciate it. I LOVE your style and am honoured that my whale sharks inspired you! I’ll be following your strip. :)

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