Jen Richards

Wildlife artist

Pacific sea nettle


Pacific sea nettleI have a favour to ask of you: If you hear me saying “I know a quick little painting I could do! A jelly! How hard could THAT be?” please slap me and bring me to my senses. Because what was supposed to be a quick 8 x 10 study of a Pacific sea nettle seems to have taken me about a month and a half (in the little bits and pieces of time I’ve been able to make for painting around work and life stuff… I know, breaking my new year’s resolution dreadfully). It was very cute of me to think that it’d be simple. Painting an animal that is more Progressthan 95% water is actually a bit of a nightmare – the translucency was driving me nuts. I feel like I’ve learned a lot just from this, though, and of course it was fun to do another invertebrate.Progress

Pacific sea nettles, so common they’re a nuisance off the Oregon coast, caught my interest because of their colours. You have to love the bright oranges and those gorgeous patterns on the bell. Glad I didn’t opt for painting those ~12 foot long tentacles though.


Author: Jen

2 thoughts on “Pacific sea nettle

  1. I so identify with trying to paint around bits and pieces of time you scrounge from life !!
    I haven’t painted since Christmas ! I’m so frustrated! I work weekends so can’t do shows til I retire . Checkout my work. Glad to meet you ! My son knows you at the aquarium. You are a Fabulous artist!

    • If only there were more hours in the day! I find that I get rather impossible to be around if I go too long without being able to draw or paint. I hope you get to paint soon! Your work is gorgeous. It’s lovely to speak to you! :)

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