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In my previous post I mentioned how I’d started this over a year ago, back when I had my little table easel set up on the kitchen table. Since receiving a long-awaited floor easel last Christmas and turning the spare room into my own orca-filled studio, I’ve felt much more at ease painting larger pieces.

Though this is only 12 x 30, it’s my largest yet (and a nightmare to photograph), and while working on it I tried to loosen up my style some and play with some texture. My favourite thing about acrylics is their versatility: the ability to water it down into a wash or apply it heavily, like oils. It’s not easy to see detail on the full image so I took a close up photo that shows the brushwork a bit more clearly. So many of my paintings represent a calm sea, but the sea I grew up with was rough and powerful, and I wanted to try exploring that here. It makes me want to paint the native marine wildlife of the British coast that I spent so much of my life with.


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One thought on “Voyage

  1. Oh! Wonderful! I would like to ride on one of those. Can I? I mean, do they bite?

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