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New blog!

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I’ve been planning on having a blog for my website for quite some time now, with the intention of sharing more sketches, works in progress, musings on marine life that inspires me, and the occasional announcement, if anything noteworthy were to happen.

It happened today.

I’ve been accepted as a new member into the Ocean Artists Society, an incredible network of artists of all kinds united by their passion for the ocean and their dedication to raising awareness of our need to protect it. To be among such talented people – many of whom have been inspirations of my own since I was a kid – is an unbelievable honour. Their images decorated my bedroom walls and their names filled my bookshelves for so many years. I’m thrilled to be a part of something that means so much to me and am excited to see what’s next!

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One thought on “New blog!

  1. Awesome Jen!! You are super talented. Your Beluga piece sent chills up my spine. I too was accepted into the Ocean Artists Society on the 11th. I am very excited too!! All the best, Marco.

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